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For many years dad got skilled workers from various parts of India, and specifically Madras where I grew up, to make reusable shopping bags... he then randomly hands them out to family and friends, trying to convince them that single-use plastic bags are no good! (We haven’t used a plastic bag to do the groceries in this house for over a decade now).

The people making these bags are typically those that have been displaced by machine production methods in the large export houses they worked in. This gives them a crucial source of income that is otherwise not available to them.

I've eventually convinced my parents we need to do this properly. The world seems to be finally waking up to the disastrous effects single-use plastic are having on the planet. And so, The Crazy Bag Lady was born. The Walrus, as he is fondly known, looks after the production of our bags... under the very watchful eagle eye of my beautiful mum (The Walrus Tamer)! For every bag you buy, a family overseas eats better, sleeps better and thanks you for your generosity and care.

We are brand new, we’re slowly learning, navigating, working our way through setting up a small business. Please be patient with us. Give us your feedback, send us a cute little love letter, whatever you like! Just please look after our planet. We can do this together, one reusable (foldable, durable, safe, strong, washable and damn good looking!!) bag at a time.

Dee, The Crazy Bag Lady (sometimes known as The Bag Hag)

Deester is a funny Indian girl who lives - and loves - in Australia. She wears blue glasses, sometimes red, paints with her heart and loves humans. She is crazy about a more sustainable future for her children and future generations. She is not a scientist, she just cares enough to try and make a difference.

When she's not yelling down the telephone trying to finalise the design of a new bag, she can be found drinking copious cups of tea in her Bollywood Zen Pergola of Love, laughing with friends, wandering around shops aimlessly looking for inspiration and often on a yoga mat. Sometimes, rarely, seldom, once in a pink moon she also tries to get to the gym. 

She is also a fan of writing about herself in the third person and actually hates being in the public eye! If you stumble across her, go and introduce yourself. She doesn't bite!


This website would not have come together so seamlessly without the very able IT support of my beloved husby. You helped me set up the correct online plan, listened patiently whilst I swore at the computer and often spent an hour or ten fixing my Shop page. I don't know how you put up with me. You know who you are and I still love you like a monkey loves bananas!

A big shout out also goes to Spandan Bhatt. He makes our already gorgeous products look gorgeouser still... oh how they shine! Thank you for your patience, your styling and your skill. We'd be lost without you.

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