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  • We've worked hard to source these dabbas (metal boxes traditionally used to transport food from home) from a small, family run stainless steel factory in India and they're finally online and ready for sale!!


    These boxes are so great. They're strong, foodsafe and dishwasher friendly. Kids and adults love them and our planet thanks you for avaoiding the use of single use ziplock bags or smelly plastic containers. Wraps, sandwiches, fruit, cheese, whatever you can think of... they pack a real punchy lunch. We think you'll love them as much as we do. 

    Stainless Steel Dabba

    • BOX A: Rectangle with small inner box
      Length 175mm x Width 120mm x Height 45mm

      BOX B: Square with inner plate + side clips
      Length 150mm x Width 150mm x Height 65mm

      BOX C: Square Sandwich Box, no inner plate
      Length 135mm x Width 135mm x Height 50mm

      BOX D: Square with inner plate
      Length 140mm x Width 140mm x Height 50mm

      BOX D: Twin lunch box
      Length 125mm x Width 110mm x Height 70mm

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